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تشرح نده ساتل شوې. مخکې لاړ شه؟
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If you want to be a volunteer, school ambassador, owner of partner school, educational content developer or online teacher, parent /guardian or donor, in below Create Profile form's "I am " selection box select your profile type and click proceed or go to see more information below in the page.

If you are a student, go to student registration menu find your related class and click the admission button. If you are a job seeker in Liwal Digital School, please make your CV in
Be among the first 50 volunteers in Digital Education
For progress and development of school, Liwal digital school need volunteers in the country and world wide to help in the delivery of tuition free education. Volunteering have a positive impact on volunters and community, can improve your relationships can bring social and economical benefits. Any where any person can be volunteer for the school have the following criteria:
1. Volunteer must create a public profile in school. 2. Can publish photo, name, place and contacts details in volunteer list. 3. Help in students registration, lessons and share information about school. 4. Volunteer reaching to register 100 students will be promoted to School ambassador in the area. Volunteer can do fundraising to cover his expense, volunteer can not ask financial assist from student, parents or guardians of students, but if any donation of gift is offered should appreciate and accept it. Together we can deliver education to afghan sacred girls homes, To Be among the first 50 volunteers in Digital Education, click Create Profile button below and make history .
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Mr. Abdul Qadir Pasoon
Be among the first 10 digital school ambassadors
For the progress of school, Liwal Digital School appoint School Ambassadors in the country and the world, who will campaign for the tuition free school, collect donations, and find volunteers. Anyone, anywhere can be a school ambassadors with the following criteria:

1- Must be a famous personality.
2- Can publish photo, name, location and contact detail in the list of school ambassadors.
3- Have time for donation acceptance, advice, meetings and speeches about the school.
4-Register students, help with lessons and share information about the school.

Together we can bring education to the home of Afghan girls.To be among the first ten school ambassadors click the Create Profile button below and make history .
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Mr. Shah Muhammad Rais
Liwal Digital School Ambassador London
Mr. Ali Rasoonzada
Liwal Digital School Ambassador in Sweden
Eng. Izatallah Zahid
Liwal Digital School Ambassador Norway
Dr. Aftab Khan
Liwal Digital School Ambassador, Lahore
Be among the firs 20 digital educational content developer(OnlineTeacher) and teach the nation
Liwal Digital School offers digital education from Kindergarten to 12th grade. For these studies, we need teachers who can teach in front of the camera. We invite, those innovators who have created or want to create video, audio, multimedia and digital educational contents that help in self-learning of the Ministry of Education books to cooperate. Sharing your educational contents with schools will bring education to those who cannot go to school.

The school publishes your best educational materials for self-learning from school website and load them on mobile phone and computer with specialized application on your terms. The publication will add to your recognition and our citizens will get quick access to education anywhere. Also, if the school earns money, they will pay you per click.

The school uses Liwal and Ministry of Education curriculum, for this national, scientific and practical cause we need coordination, cooperation, friendship and support of humanitarian teachers like you. Please Click Create Profile button below to join us and teach the nation and be among the first 20 honorary digital creators.
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Become a partner school
To become a partner school, the owner of the school creates his and his school's account. Every school can become an Liwal Digital School Partner. In partnership, one or more people are trained for the following tasks:

1- Registering their students under the partner school in the system.
2- Setup the educational content and applications of the relevant class to the student's device.
3- Monitor, guide, help and in the system conduct test of their students and enroll them in another class.

Within a year, the partner school must encouraged their teacher create educational videos for at least one subject.

Partner School can:
a- transfer the students who can't pay them, from their school to the Liwal digital school to get free education.
b- The girls who are barred from school, partner school can help enroll these girls in Liwal Digital School under the partner school account.

Liwal Digital School facilities are free for partner schools and their students, if partner schools charge their students enrolled in Liwal Digital School we don't have a problem. Partner schools can donate part of the fees to Liwal Digital School.

With special terms, partner schools can use the Liwal Digital School system for financial and administrative management of their entire school under a hosted link in our website or their own domain.

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